Missouri Confederate Battle Flag

The Confederate Battle Flag of Missouri (sometimes referred to as the "Sterling Price Flag"). This flag was sewn by the ladies of New Orleans and presented to the Missouri regiments that were exiled from their native state. Most of these flags were captured after the fall of Vicksburg, Mississippi. An example of a unit that used this type of battle flag was the 1st Missouri Cavalry and the 9th Missouri Sharpshooters CSA. General John Bowen's command established a distinguished combat record as a fighting division of the Army of the West at such places as Carthage, Wilson's Creek, Vicksburg, and Atlanta. According to legend General Bowen's wife smuggled in their first battle flag of this pattern into the Vicksburg siege. It had a blue field bordered in red and a white Latin cross set off-center toward the hoist edge. The flag was used by all the brigades under Bowen's command. These flags first appeared in February of 1863. A later version was used by the troops of General Sterling Price's army in their 1864 Missouri raid.

Bumper Sticker
General Sterling Price Flag Patch
Dimensions Measure: 3⅜" wide by 2 ¼" tall



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